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    Ultimate Solutions for Large and Small Businesses

    Every type of business has a need to get their business involved with

    technoloy. Whether is custom development, social media integration or

    anything else related to it, we are here to help you the easy way.

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    We Promise You'll Be Impressed With Logical Tech Solutions

    No Tech Talk just straight talk to make sure you get what you pay for

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    Finally Tech Guys you can talk to

    We offer a wide variaty of services related to your technology requirements

App Features

Who seeks after it and wants to have it

Content Writing

Providing timely and professional content for your business needs.

Web Development

You need a site, don't do the free pre-build site that will cost you money and headaches in the long run.

UI/UX Design

User experience is what technology is all about, no matter is it is a smartphone, tablet or website.

App Development

We build all custom apps that fit your particular business needs. At the end the code is all yours. No strings attahced.

Digital Marketing

We work with the digital marketers in NYC. We know how to market you efficiently and on a budget.

Graphic Design

We all love graphics, give us your idea and we will put it into a unique image.

This is Why You Will
Love Logical Tech Solutions

We love technology and everything that is related to it.
our work has brought expertise in the areas of aerospace, book publishing,
P2P communications, intent-based marketing, credit card processing,
data analytics, television among others.

  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Fast, reliable solutions
  • Budget conscious and deadline aware
  • Refreshing Ideas
  • You own your content and code
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Our Mission To The End

Provide the best solution to our clients that will allow them to grow in their area of business. Our love for techonologies will bring us to investigate, keep up our skills and gather more expertise to pass down to our projects so the customer gets the best option available for them. We do not promise to be the cheapest solution, but certainly the most honest and good-faith proposal that we can provide.

Our intention is that you have a place where you can talk to technology/developer people and not feel like they are taking you for a ride but instead a group of people that have the best intentions at hand for your business and future.

We Are Progressing Rapidly

Techonology changes really fast these days and so do we. We are constanly updating our skills and knowledge to bring you the best modern techonlogy offers. If we don't know it we will learn it and apply it to your project / business. The better we are the better you are.

Our blog will illustrate how we are digging into how technology is heading to so you can be a better inform client.

The devil is in the details

We will give you all the information available for your project with complete transparency and documentation. At any point you will know what, how, where of your project with all the information you need available 24/7

If a tech disaster arises, no need to worry, we got you cover with disaster recovery solutions and backup of your projects.


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Other services

Who seeks after it and wants to have it


There are no two people alike in the world, same applies to businesses. We understand that and we provide customization for all your needs.


Cyber crimes and hacking is an issue that can affect anyone in any size of business. We take securing all of your systems seriously.


We have extensive experience setting up and maintaing servers and sites on the cloud. If you need to find more about it, talk to us!


Our experience includes analysis of multiple type of businesses data. Collecting, processing and reporting on Terrabytes of data.


If data response performance is a critical issue for your business, we got the knowledge to make everything much faster. Let us prove it to you.


Network connectivity is a must for small, medium and large companies. Let us help you get this done the best way.


We have support that fit your business needs and budget. No need to stick to expensive support that you don't take advantage of it when you really need it.


Honestly our goal is to make your life easier in the technology area at an affordable price and without the hassle of complicate contracts.

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Making a (positive) impact in peoples daily work life is our goal.


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